How to start clothing business

Fashion is always fast. In clothing business, there is many people want to quite or already out,still,many would like to start clothing business as new.

As a clothing manufacturer/Factory, royal seam would advise that to find a reliable manufacturer supplier would be the most important factor.

But more, royal seam would like to share more about how to start a successful clothing brand or a clothing line.

1. Create your clothing brand a name

It might take time to think, and you need to know who you would like to target? Women,men or kids.Or probably all of them as collection, it would be very important as the first step, then you need a logo. To embody your styles.

Royal Seam clothing provide logo services as well, all you need just come up with your idea.

2. make a company

For most of countries, start a clothing business , legal structure is necessary, for online business maybe not (could be personal), but for a better future or make it big as time goes through later on growing, you might be better to fill out some paper work to determine your business.

3. Do the math

Logo fees (royal seam could do )

Business license fees

deposits and rent for a physical work location

Other staffs that you feel necessary (internet, hiring people…)

marketing and advertising fee (important)

Sampling charge (royal seam could make it low)

Photo shooting (royal seam could support)

Manufacturing (Factory direct price from royal seam clothing)

4. Built a website

Either you would like to do wholesale, or retail, a lovely website would be needed nowadays. Especially online clothing store, even off-line, it would be necessary.

5.Start your first collection.

For starting your first collection, you might need to do some research and study the market place, select a niche, like women dresses, men’s jackets, kids clothing, the more you study, the more you know, for low minimum order quantity, for bring your idea to life, contact royal seam clothing for all these staff.

6.Find a reliable clothing manufacture.

Royal Seam Clothing

7.make a sales plan

Finally, you got your clothing made, so you need to sell. Since you work with royal seam clothing, You’ve got the factory direct price as your clothing cost, do forget to add advertising fee on your cost to do the marketing which is import, to sell online, to have a store, to contact wholesale distributors, the more you know about the market, the better sales you could do. As you already got factory price, it would be greatly completive.

8. marketing

Starting a clothing business, you are nobody. So, you might need to work out your budget to let people know about your brand. Local media, social media, magazine, many ways. Write down a list and compare, try different ways to find the best options.

9.Find a partner or investor

Finance doesn’t mean everything, but it is something. When you put all your passion on starting clothing business, but come out with a bad finance issue, will you easily give up? Try to find partner or investors at the beginning will help you a lot as the business go through, nobody could guarantee a sure success, but a partner or investor will help you bear some tough time somehow.

Royal seam clothing could be your reliable partner once you work with us to start a clothing line. We’ve got lot of staring company glow big with us. Try us.




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