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For those who are now trying to start an online clothing business or offline clothing brand builders, wholesale clothing stores, royal seam clothing as a fashion clothing manufacturer, we might need to tell you something you might need to know about making plus size clothing.

What is the demand for plus size clothes (men/women)?

In worldwide nowadays, no matter how much hard work that people trying to control their diet or work out, still couldn't get slim body structure, heavier and heavier, later they find out, unfortunately, they would never be able to find clothing that fit them since the curve is always out of the mirror. Even you could find some in a retail store, it would be either too baggy or boring, simple styles, not fashion at all. 


As the growing number of fat people owning large bodies day by day, the demand for plus size clothing increase. And now if your chance since there are quite few online stores, clothing brands offer that, or just very few styles.

And now that's your chance to start working with royal seam clothing to create plenty of options for fashion plus size clothing to win the market.

Do plus-size clothes cost more to make?

You have to charge whatever you need to so you're still making a profit and making it worth it. Those that wear those bigger sizes know the prices of them are more than the "usual" sizes. It's not fat-shaming or discrimination, it simply takes more material to make the clothing. More material equals higher costs.


Sewing time might be almost the same, but roughly takes more time since longer stitching, heavier fabric somehow.


But please do know that Making Plus-Size Clothing Is More Complicated Than Just Extending Sizes


There is always a rule: Good fit is all in the details

As a garment factory, we manufacture
  • Plus Size Dresses
  • Plus Size Bodysuits
  • Plus Size Shorts
  • Plus Size Nightwear
  • Plus Size Tops
  • Plus Size Playsuits
  • Plus Size Jackets
  • Plus Size Occasion Wear
  • Plus Size Jeans
  • Plus Size Jumpsuits
  • Plus Size Coats
  • Plus Size Casual Wear
  • Plus Size Trousers
  • Plus Size Skirts
  • Plus Size T-shirts
  • Plus Size Going Out



Lowest MOQ Manufacturing and Global Approach

Royal Seam is one of the leading high-quality Fashion  Apparel Manufacturing Company for USA, UK, Australia, and Canada providing low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 Pcs per design. In the last 10 years. we have provided Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Printing and Embroidery services to Thousands of clothing brands worldwide including various  Women Clothing, men's clothing, kids clothing Manufacturers in CHINA as well. Most of them started their first order with us and have grown into becoming great clothing manufacturers brands within their country.

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Customizing Your Apparel

Being one of the largest Custom Clothing Manufacturers in China, Royal Seam aims to become a one-stop solution for all businesses by not only providing Custom Apparel Manufacturing but also offering customers with various options of Wholesale business and online stores. With years of experience, we offer services ranging from offline chain store brands with large quantity orders to online business store starting company for a low minimum of only 50 pcs.

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Easy and Friendly Work Flow for Creative People

Royal Seam factory has the ability to provide ‘Avant-Garde’ services for Custom Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Brands and Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers using just sketches or organized Tec Packs. We also design and make Corporate Logo Apparel for companies all around the world. Quality is what defines us and our work. We work well with both recognized brands and start-up apparel designers.

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Photographing(For Online Business)

Either you are doing Amazon, Shopify,eBay, Wish or any other online store

Business, you might need an attractive photographing for your product. Now you could send your inquiry to Royal Seam for photo shooting and PS. In addition, tell us your thought and get suggestions from our Facebook, Instagram, google ads team. Find your one-stop online business solution with Roal Seam today.

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We Source All Kinds Of Custom Fabrics From the Biggest Market

We also source fabrics for our customers, as per their requirements. Thanks to located next to the world’s biggest fabric market in China, Royal Seam Clothing offers you the ability to have Custom Fabric both knit and woven for all kinds of trendy fashion fabric, for clothing brands with a low minimum order quantity of 200 Pcs.

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Our Manufacturing Ability

Royal Seam Clothing factory proudly manufactures women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing such as women dress, tops bodysuit/jumpsuit, skirts, pants/shorts, jackets/coats, sweaters, men’s T-shirts, polo shirts, kids ‘vest and waistcoats, hoodies and sweatshirts and much more. We offer you top of line services related to Cut and Sew Manufacturers. We can almost guarantee 100% customization of your apparel, our skilled and experienced production team makes custom patterns, perform grading and further make changes as per your garments manufacturing requirements..

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Custom Casual Dyeing Option

We also provide Clothing Manufacturers with an option to avail Custom Tie Dye Clothing, Custom Dip Dye Apparel, and Custom Acid Wash Clothing as well.

Custom Labelling and Hangtags

Royal Seam goffers Clothing Brands the alternative to select from various custom-made labels for their garments designs. We offer you a low MOQ Custom Heat Posted Labels, Custom Steel Embossed Labels, Custom Woven labels, Tyvek Labels, Satin Labels, and Cotton Fabric Labels to our clothing brands and clientele worldwide.

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